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1600hp Nissan GT-R BATTLES 2000+hp LAMBO! 0    0

The TX2K16 Unlimited Class Roll Racing hosts some SERIOUS competition. With GT-Rs and Lambos well over 1500hp, TX2K competition does not disappoint! For the final of the Unlimited Class, Mullet’s tw...

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How Reliable is a 400 WHP SUBARU WRX STI on stock internals 0    0

Here is the full review on my SUBARU WRX STI!! Hope it helps you if you are trying to get something similar. Enjoy. Final Numbers: Stock 244 whp 93 OCT 350/290 E85 S Mode 375/360 E85 S# Mode 409/3...

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Denver STREETS - 800hp Subaru’s & MORE! 0    0

Denver got DOWN this year! Giving us a little taste of everything - ZR-1’s, GTR’s, Mustangs and even a couple 800hp Subaru’s! Nothings better than a good ole night of street racing in the rockie...

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I Bought A New Subaru And Regretted It Before I Bought It 0    0

I needed to buy a new car basically because my wife wanted one. The GLS is no longer around so we needed another SUV. I bought this new 2019 Subaru but really didn't want to just because leasing a new...

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V8 BAIT - 1000HP Subaru Shoots for 8’s! 0    0

1000hp STI isn’t a number you hear a lot, but for our friend CJfromtheinternet it’s the the starting point for his journey to have the fastest Subaru STI in the county. This car has been through ...

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600HP Subaru GETTIN' IT @ Powercruise Houston 0    0

This Summer at the 2013 Powercruise Houston, this 600hp AWD Subaru pretty much mopped anything in eye sight! 1320Video went for a ride in this beast as it whoope up on anything and everything! Car ...

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We bought a Dodge Viper ACR Extreme! 0    0

Quick review of our prep for the Dodge Hemi Shootout at Rt. 66 Raceway and a reveal of our 2017 Dodge Viper ACR Extreme.

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Gen 3 Dodge Viper Twin Turbo 1248 HP 0    0

Nth Moto Gen 3 Dodge Viper Plug and Play AEM Infinity EMS. 1096 WHP on 93 octane unleaded pump gas. 1248 WHP on 100 octane unleaded pump gas. Driver adjustable boost and traction control using AEM 12 ...

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Dodge Viper - 900hp TWIN TURBO GEN V! 0    0

A Gen 5 Viper with twin turbos!? Yes please! The guys over at Calvo Motorsports and Powerhouse racing have created a MONSTER of a V10 Dodge Viper! Running a Motec M150 ECU and sporting twin 3795 turbo...

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Chevrolet Corvette Z06 C7 vs Dodge Viper 2017 - Acceleration... 0    0

Subscribe - Chevrolet Corvette Z06 C7 vs Dodge Viper 2016 Comparison revs, acceleration and exhaust sound. Credits: hpedesign:

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Dodge viper GTS crashes on the highway after trying to show ... 0    0

After giving the driver of the GTS a thumbs up he wanted to look cool and show off. clearly that did not end well for him. Earlier in the month a mustang crashed after leaving a car show and now this...

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Here's a Tour of the $87,000 2004 Dodge Viper 0    0

NEW KEY TAGS AVAILABLE HERE!!! CHECK OUT The Important Stuff!!! CLICK "Show More" B...

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2001 Dodge Viper ACR Review! 0    0

For this quick review video, I hop in my friend Vernon's awesome 2001 Viper ACR for quick spin. Definitely living up to the Viper reputation the sound is unreal, and it's a brutal beast. Thanks for wa...

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Challenger Hellcat Vs Dodge Viper 1/2 Mile 0    0

Stock Challenger Hellcat VS Stock Dodge Viper Results: Hellcat: (Best run: 156.3586) 154.7455, 150.6024, 155.0655, 155.2795, 155.4941, 155.3867, 155.2795, 154.7455, 154.6392, 155.6017, 156.3586, ...

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Lamborghini UBER has INSANE reactions! (2 Stars) 0    0

Help us hit 100K subscribers: Lamborghini Uber in a Lamborghini Gallardo with a few girls! These girls had a blast in the Lambo Uber. I picked up tw...

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