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Off-Roading My New $70,000 Land Rover Defender 0    0

GO READ MY COLUMN HERE: THANKS TO DAVID FOR THE GREAT DEFENDER! I bought a new car: a 1997 Land Rover Defender 90. It's worth ar...

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Mayhem to Moab! Jeep TJ Build & Rock Crawl Adventure - Dirt ... 0    0

Every year in Moab, Utah there is a week of off-roading awesomeness known as the Moab Easter Jeep Safari. On this episode of Dirt Every Day, Fred Williams finally brings home a Jeep TJ he's had his ey...

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Diesel Jeep Drives 12 Feet Underwater! - Dirt Every Day Ep. ... 0    0

Fred’s 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ affectionately known as Tubesock was in need of a new engine, and Fred wanted to recreate a crazy stunt from the 50’s by driving his jeep underwater. To achieve this ...

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2017 Honda CR V gets turbo power, snazzier interior 0    0

Now comes the fifth generation, which Honda redesigned using all of its familiar tactics: More space, more technology, more safety features, slightly different styling, and some key pieces borrowed fr...

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Honda CRV - Front Brake Pads, Rotors & Calipers Part IV 0    0

In this video we finish up the CRV by replacing the front brake pads and rotors. It also needs the front brake calipers replaced. Stick around for the next video as we take the vehicle down to get the...

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1997-2001 Honda CRV timing belt, water pump removal installa... 0    0

Please subscribe. Thank you! This is also generally the same for all b series twin cam engines. b16 (1.6L) b17 (1.7) b18 (1.8L) b20 (2.0L) Civic, Acura Integra, and CRV. 1998 1999 2000 97 98 99 00 01

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Honda CRV Ignition Control Module replacement - engine cutt... 0    0

If your Honda is cutting out and you then have difficulty starting it could be a faulty Ignition Control Module.Do you get the engine management light come on just before it cuts out?This little unit ...

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Honda CRV Mk1 1997 - 2001 Ignition Switch replacement 0    0

How to replace a faulty ignition switch on a Mk1 (1997 -2001) Honda CRV.I am no mechanic but this is an easy DIY job.Whole job took under 1hr to do.Several other Honda models had this problem with wor...

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Rear brake pad replacement Honda CRV CR-V 2002-2004 Acura In... 0    0

Rear brake pad replacement Honda CRV CR- V 2002 Install Remove Replace How To Change I think that you will find this video helpful for other vehicles listed, the caliper part number is the same... 20...

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2017 Honda CR V 0    0

2017 Honda CR-V New 2017 Honda CR-V was unveiled officially to the United States. 1.5-liter turbo petrol engine block with the new Civic.      Honda CR-V is a compact car, SUV, Honda's best sell...

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Classic Honda CRV Off Road Part 2 0    0

I found some more clips of our off road adventures. The last clip shows the damage that ended it's life prematurely.

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1997 Honda CRV In-Depth Review - An All Round Great Vehicle? 0    0

Ginny Buckley gives us an in-depth review of the 1997 Honda CRV, and finds out if it's the ultimate all round vehicle. Honda has called this car the CRV, which stands for - Compact Recreational Vehicl...

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