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STEP #1 Put car in drive. STEP #2 Put dial in track mode STEP #3 Step on brake and squeeze throttle STEP #4 release brake STEP #5 WATCH YOUR PASSENGER SHIT THEMSELVES.

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How to check oil in Honda CRV 0    0

In this video, I will show you how to check your oil in your Honda CRV. Checking oil can be quite the simple task, but after you watch this video you will defiantly know how to change oil in almost an...

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2008 Honda CRV oil light change oil wrench reset procedure 2... 0    0

Instructions on How to Reset Oil Light after Change Oil 1. Turn the ignition switch to the ON (II) position. 2. Push the Select/Reset knob repeatedly until the engine oil life is displayed. 3. Press ...

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2014 Honda CRV EX AWD remote start simple tutorial @delaneyh... 0    0

Check out the 2015 Honda CRV EX AWD remote start simple tutorial @delaneyhonda Very simple to use and sure to keep you warm in the winter and cold in the summer! Comment below please and please feel ...

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BMW 2015 Digital Dash Gauges 0    0

A review of the 2015 BMW digital dash. Is it worth the upgrade or how about the heads up display (HUD) instead? via YouTube Capture

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2015 Acura RLX | Tech Pkg | 0    0 Vf264 Video uploaded by Alisha Lemoine via YouTube Capture

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Replacing 1997 Chevy Suburban Starter 0    0

My 1997 Chevrolet suburban was having problems starting the first crank. So set of being stranded somewhere I decided to change my starter. This is the first of many small upgrades and repairs I'll be...

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2003 Chevrolet Suburban 554 Trailer Auxillary 554 12v 7 pi... 0    0

How to get your 12v trailer power to work This video was done on a 2003 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 Z71 This fix should work on all 1500 models such as the Silverado, Suburban, and Tahoe. As well on the...

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