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600 HP NISSAN GTR vs. 630 HP PORSCHE 997 0    0

The cobb Nissan GTR against the Techart 997 GT with Samuel Hubinnette aka the Crazy Swede driving.

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Short Ram Intake & Cobb Accesport Install (2018 Subaru STI) 0    0

Today we installed a cobb short ram intake and an accesport on Camachos STi. Next up, dyno day! Follow Us Instagram @Subietroops Make sure to subscribe :)

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1000HP+ 53PSI COBB Tuned Subaru WRX | Airstrip Attack [TECH ... 0    0

1000hp and 53psi of boost from a 2.5L 2005 Subaru WRX using a factory ECU and cobb Accessport isn’t something most people would imagine possible, but Erich Uhlman from PRE Racing explains how it is ...

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POV Straight Piped 2004 Subaru WRX STI after New CA Exhaust ... 0    0

#CALIFORNIAEXHAUSTLAW #AB1824 #CARSCENE Is this the ultimate Subaru exhaust rumble? You be the judge. Support my website! *MY CAR MOD PARTS/SETUPS LINKS BELOW: ENGINE...

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2004 Subaru WRX STI exhaust pulls in WET conditions & Carbon... 0    0

#Subaru #WRX #STI It can't get better than Subaru's driving in the rain! AWD for life.. Nuff Said. Support my website! *MY CAR MOD PARTS/SETUPS LINKS BELOW: ENGINE &a...

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The Cleanest Subaru of them ALL!? | 2018 0    0

Headunit: Amazon Store: Aliexpress: EBAY:

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460HP Subaru...Outback? - One Take 0    0

Kove Commuter Speaker: Use Code 'SMOKINGTIRE' for 65% off!! Long before the word "crossover" existed, the Subaru Outback came into this world as ...

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How Reliable is a 400 WHP SUBARU WRX STI on stock internals 0    0

Here is the full review on my SUBARU WRX STI!! Hope it helps you if you are trying to get something similar. Enjoy. Final Numbers: Stock 244 whp 93 OCT 350/290 E85 S Mode 375/360 E85 S# Mode 409/3...

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COBB Subaru Short Throw Shifter Install Video 0    0

Hit the like button and favorite please! This video shows the steps required to install a cobb Short Throw Shifter in your 2011 Subaru WRX Installation Instructions can be found at:

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9-second 1000 horsepower Subaru WRX STI is a WILD BEAST ON T... 0    0

PTE 6870 - RW1200 - Mtuned - Fastest time: 9.3 @ 156 MPH! Built by Rev Works featuring the RW1200 package, meet owner J. Whitehead and his WILD BEAST 1000+ horsepower Subaru WRX STi running 43 PSI on ...

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The Subaru Couple [4k] 0    0

There's definitely a culture surrounding subarus, and Sally and Markos are immersed in it. There's a genuine passion for the brand that can be seen with them whether it's at the race track, or at a ca...

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750whp SUBARU STi | FULL BUILD 0    0

(Timelapse + Dynograph) Full Build video form the service side of the build, Timelapse, Dyno Pulls and Handheld shots. 745whp / 563 ft.lbs (Approximately 835 - 850whp on a Dynojet) Customer came in...

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3 people who should NOT drive Subarus 0    0

Subaru Fails EVO Fails: Dash Cam: My Camera setup w/ discount: Gaming Channel!

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Bucky Lasek's 2016 Subaru WRX STI - Jay Leno's Garage 0    0

Skateboard legend and rally driver Bucky Lasek brings his cobb-tuned Subaru STI and leaves his mark at the garage. » Subscribe: » Visit the Official Site:

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