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2013 GoPro: Nissan GTR - British Columbia 0    0

This video was 100% shot on my GoPro HERO2 throughout 2013. My 2012 GoPro video: This is my 2013 GoPro year in review edit and these clips were taken throu...

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I Bought A New Subaru And Regretted It Before I Bought It 0    0

I needed to buy a new car basically because my wife wanted one. The GLS is no longer around so we needed another SUV. I bought this new 2019 Subaru but really didn't want to just because leasing a new...

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Dodge Viper Review by Goddess Catt 0    0

One of my longtime fans requested a review of his 2006 Dodge Viper. Here are some pros and cons I noticed while having it for the day. This is a perspective from a female car enthusiast. FOLLOW ME! T...

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Dean Kearney's 900bhp Dodge Viper FOS drift run 0    0

This video is sponsored by Mastercard. Dean Kearney swerves his 2016 Dodge Viper all across the hill at #FOS.

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Buying a Dodge Viper the right thing for you to do? 0    0

In this Video I talk about buying my First Dodge Viper. What things you need to think about before buying a Viper or any exotic car. Maybe the Viper is the right thing maybe it is not... Hope this vid...

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Supercars BLASTING on Miami highway Lamborghini Ferrari Dodg... 0    0

Speed Wind Adrenaline Rush and FUN Supercars BLASTING on Miami highway Lamborghini Aventador vs Gallardo vs Murcielago vs Ferrari vs Dodge Viper vs McLaren,Pokemon Hunter BMW I8 & more 2016 Ex...

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McLaren 720S vs 800 Horsepower Dodge Viper ACR Extreme Roll ... 0    0

Check out That Racing Channel! ► Watch a Dodge Viper ACR Extreme with heads, cam, full exhaust and tune take on a McLaren 720S in a few roll races. S...

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Dodge viper GTS crashes on the highway after trying to show ... 0    0

After giving the driver of the GTS a thumbs up he wanted to look cool and show off. clearly that did not end well for him. Earlier in the month a mustang crashed after leaving a car show and now this...

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Dodge Viper Gas Mileage Challenge! City MPG vs. Hypermiling! 0    0

GO READ MY COLUMN HERE! This is the Dodge Viper gas mileage challenge! I drove my Dodge Viper in the city and hypermiled it on the highway to see what gas mileage I coul...

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Girl Driving Manual Stick Shift Dodge Viper! 0    0

Today my friend Anna drives my 2006 Dodge Viper. This car is a 6 speed manual stick shift transmission. She has a manual e46 BMW. She drives it like a boss! Wait till she drives the other cars in the ...

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Kids React To Dodge Viper ~ Funny Supercar Reaction Rides!! 0    0

Today I take some young car enthusiasts out for a ride in my 2006 Dodge Viper. This is one of their dream cars! Their reactions are priceless. Subscribe for future videos! Follow us on Instagram: @JR...

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I Bought a Dodge Viper And Drove It 500 Miles Home 0    0

READ MY COLUMN HERE: You told me to buy a Dodge Viper, so I did: I bought a...

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Is the Dodge Viper Really That Dangerous? 0    0

GO READ MY COLUMN HERE: Everybody says the Dodge Viper is really dangerous. I decided to drive it on in some especially challenging weather to find out just how dangerou...

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Dodge Viper Crashes into Back of Van after showing off 0    0

A Dodge Viper is weaving around cars, goes through a tunnel and realizes traffic has stopped ahead. It's too late, it crashes into the back of a Van. Oops!

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