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Cam plug oil leak fix // Honda CRV & Civic R20A1 0    0

In This episode , i will be investigating & demonstrate how to fix an oil leaks of my daily Honda CRV with engine 2000cc R20A1. The common issue for this honda engine overtime caused by the a...

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2003 Honda CRV Compressor Failure 0    0

Later on, I disassembled the failed compressor and found that the aluminum scrolls had disintegrated. Sorry, I didn't video that.

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HONDA CRV Off road Extreme 4x4 Test 2016 Compilation 0    0

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Honda CRV Ignition Control Module replacement - engine cutt... 0    0

If your Honda is cutting out and you then have difficulty starting it could be a faulty Ignition Control Module.Do you get the engine management light come on just before it cuts out?This little unit ...

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DIY Honda CRV DRL Module Repair 0    0

A DIY tutorial on how to remove and repair your 2nd generation (2002-2006) Honda CR-V daytime running lamp system. Repair procedure is outlined on identification, removal and re-soldering of failed m...

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Honda CRV Mk1 1997 - 2001 Ignition Switch replacement 0    0

How to replace a faulty ignition switch on a Mk1 (1997 -2001) Honda CRV.I am no mechanic but this is an easy DIY job.Whole job took under 1hr to do.Several other Honda models had this problem with wor...

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Honda CRV problem 0    0

My Honda CRV suddenly started experiencing problems. The door unlocks itself. This happened the 4th year I had it. Honda warranty only covers to 3 years, AND each door lock costs $400 to fix. Honda re...

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Key Stuck In Ignition Won't Turn Off - Honda CRV 0    0

2001 Honda CRV came in with key stuck in the ignition and you could not turn it past the accessory position thus killing the battery. I diagnosed it as a failing key interlock solenoid. The only way ...

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Off-Road (FAIL): 2017 Honda CR-V AWD on Everyman Driver 0    0

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Honda CR-V 2014 4WD failure 0    0

For more information and Honda's reply visit:

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Spofec Rolls Royce Wraith 0    0 The Rolls-Royce Wraith is already one of the most exclusive coupes in the world when it leaves the factory. SPOFEC refines the English luxury motor car even further with ...

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I’M STILL GASSED!!! I can’t believe I had the privilege of not only seeing but riding in a Rolls-Royce, let alone a Wraith. Honestly what a car, definitely one of the best cars I’ve ever sat in...

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