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Asa se tine in mana volanul lui 99vehiclestv. Subaru Impreza... 0    0

Octavia + probleme = love --~-- WEBSITE - FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM - Razva...

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2015 Subaru Liberty Review 0    0

The latest Subaru Liberty 2015 from Subaru Australis is a real step forward from previous Subaru Libertys. But, tragically, the new Liberty 2015 is looking for love in a world infatuated with SUVs. A ...

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The Cleanest Subaru of them ALL!? | 2018 0    0

Headunit: Amazon Store: Aliexpress: EBAY:

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Subaru 554 Bugeye 554 WRX ???? Bemutató ???? 0    0

PÓLÓ RENDELÉS ITT: MATRICA RENDELÉS ITT: Nézd meg a másik csatornánkat ha UNOD a sok DUMÁT: htt...

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The S209. From Japan with Love. 0    0

The most powerful, best handling, and most exciting Subaru Tecnica International model ever created is here — the 2019 STI S209 represents a level of Subaru performance never before available in the...

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Subaru Crosstrek Review! | 1 year of ownership... 0    0

Yes, the video is long so if you want a quick explanation... I still love it! Please ask any questions that I may have left out and I will try to answer them! 2018 Subaru Crosstrek Premium - 15,000 m...

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Subaru and Thule Bike Rack Review 0    0

I bought my Subaru this year and can I tell you - I have loveD it! I am not endorsed by Subaru or anything, but they have made my life a lot easier in the cycling world. I also have purchased a Thule ...

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How to Change the head light bulb for Subaru Legacy and Outb... 0    0

How to replace the H7 head light bulb (that keeps blowing out!) in a Subaru Outback or Legacy. No need to take the wheel off or put up on a jack. Let me know if you need any clarification on the pro...

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Subaru STI de 500cv - O MEDO de dirigir um carro TÃO FORTE! 0    0

É isso ai galera! Dirigi um Subaru WRX STI preparado, rendendo por volta de 500cv. Nunca dirigi um carro tão forte! No vídeo vou conversando com o dono sobre o carro e suas experiências com ele, n...

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2018 Subaru XV Review (A.K.A. Subaru Crosstrek) | Auto Exper... 0    0

What strikes me more than anything is: XV is what Forester used to be - a substantively pumped-up Impreza. Same footprint - but a bit over five inches higher. It’s compact and affordable. Just right...

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Is a Stock Subaru WRX STi Fun to Drive? 0    0

❗ FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: @CAMERONALFORD ❗ Snapchat Me! @camalford ➜ SAVE $40 on Airbnb: Twitter @camalfo...

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2018 Subaru WRX vs 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI 0    0

What's up Everybody! Welcome to Torque Junkies, today I review the WRX and the GTI and I find out which three letter word takes the crown today! Enjoy!

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Subaru Rear Wheel Bearing - Press In 0    0

Come along with Eric O. as he works on a Subaru with a press in rear wheel bearing. This job usually requires a lot of spray, new control arm bushings, a torch, a sawzall, and a lot of bad words. In t...

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Subaru Brz Coilover Install: Tein Street Basis 0    0

Miley is finally stanced! This installed proved to be very difficult with no power tools, but after hours of work we got it done. More footage of the stance coming soon.

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