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BMW M5 - 554 Bullet 554 - High Performance Art 0    0

The world's fastest sedan recreates super slow-motion bullet footage on a much grander scale. The result: High Performance Art. "Like" BMW at h...

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Honda CRV - Front Brake Pads, Rotors & Calipers Part IV 0    0

In this video we finish up the CRV by replacing the front brake pads and rotors. It also needs the front brake calipers replaced. Stick around for the next video as we take the vehicle down to get the...

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Honda CRV: Rear Wheel Bearing & Other Repairs Part I 0    0

Come along as we do some much needed repairs on this 2005 Honda CRV. It includes replacing the rear wheel bearing, front pads, calipers and rotors and it also gets a new set of tires! The tire video a...

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DON'T REPLACE YOUR A/C SYSTEM!!! - TRY THIS FIX FIRST!!! This is not a freon recharge video specifically, but a special tip on how to do it properly for this model. Finally have ICE COLD A/C after ye...

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Air Conditioning Not Working (system performance, leak test)... 0    0

I will show you how to find a leak on any A/C system as well as how to test the entire A/C electrical system with one quick test. The procedures shown in this video can be applied to all R12 and R134a...

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Living In My Jeep Wrangler: 1 YEAR UPDATE 0    0

Check out my latest upload: "GOOD THING I HAD A JEEP!" --~-- Support this journey Patreon - Monthly donations P...

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Recharging the A/C in a 2000 Chevy Suburban: Part 1 0    0

Recharging the A/C. Done on a Chevy Suburban but applies to all cars compatible with R-134a

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How to Change The Oil in a Chevy Avalanche or Similar model ... 0    0

Watch this video for a basic walkthrough of how to change the oil in a 2003-2006 model year Chevy Avalanche. This walkthrough will also be similar for Chevy 1500 trucks, suburban, Cadillac escalade, G...

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