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Burping Your Coolant - Jeep Cherokee XJ - The Roadhouse 0    0

It's important to flush your coolant, but if your cooling system has air trapped in it, this can lead to some serious problems. Today we show you how to bleed all the air out of your cooling system. G...

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Hood Vents - Jeep Cherokee XJ - The Roadhouse 0    0

Overcoming some cooling issues with a sweet set of Hood Vents from Rod Louvers. The XJs have some real issues with air flow through the radiator when your using them for purposes other than getting aw...

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Jeep 4.0L Head Gasket - Cherokee (XJ) - The Roadhouse 0    0

Today we take on the huge project of making a short video about changing the head gasket on a Jeep Cherokee with a 4.0L engine. This can be used as a gauge weather you wanna take on this task yourselv...

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