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How To Clean Throttle Body // Honda CRV R20A1 0    0

Hi Viewers. In this episode i will be demonstrating on How to clean your Throttle body of a Honda CRV RE1 Engine R20a1. This method requires to take apart the Air intake components to access the Throt...

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How to Clean EGR Valve // Honda CRV , Honda Civic R20A1 0    0

Hi Viewers, in this episode i will be performing on how to disassemble and clean the EGR valve on this Honda CRV with engine code R20a1. Other model of vehicle may differs . Tools needed: Racthet wit...

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2005 HONDA CRV SAT NAV 0    0


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Принудительный 4WD Honda cr-v rd 1 на пра... 0    0

Распродажа запчастей для Honda CR-V RD1 +380982907566 WhatsApp для РФ +3809...

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2017 Honda CRV Touring - Exterior and Interior Walkaround - ... 0    0

Welcome to AutoMotoTube!!! On our channel we upload daily, our original, short, Car and Motorcycle walkaround videos. We are specialized in doing coverage from the Biggest Auto and Motorcycle shows ar...

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A Dijon : sur des grands skateboards des jeunes se sont amusés à dépasser les 50 km/h de vitesse maxi autorisée... immortalisé par le radar automatique du boulevard des Allobroges. Tags additionn...

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Objectivement on se demandait quand ça allait arriver. Depuis quelques temps les médias présentent ces Subaru WRX de la gendarmerie comme des bombes de la route à la poursuite des méchants délin...

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2008 Lexus IS250 | What to LOOK for when buying one 0    0

In this video, I tell you why I think the Lexus IS250 is the BEST value in the luxury sports compact segment. Then I show you some of my favorite features, take it for a drive, and point out some of t...

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Лакшери Седан на V8 за 600 тыщ, Lexus LS4... 0    0

Авто ЗАПЧАСТИ - подборка:

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Лютейший бизнес класс за смешные... 0    0


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Доступный ЛУХУРИ, до СОЧИ из Сиби... 0    0

Подборка LEXUS LS Lexus LS Н...

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Накладка под номер Lexus LX 450d superior wh... 0    0

Накладка под номер Lexus LX 450d superior white / black Накладка под номер для Lexus LX 450D superior со светодиодным задним ходом изго...

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Spofec Rolls Royce Wraith 0    0 The Rolls-Royce Wraith is already one of the most exclusive coupes in the world when it leaves the factory. SPOFEC refines the English luxury motor car even further with ...

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