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Andy's DIY: 1998,1999,2000,2001 HondaCRV/Civic door stuck dr... 0    0

The driver side door of my CRV would not unlock; it acted as if something was stuck in the way. I replaced other things in the door until I found out that a SPRING was missing. Here is how to install ...

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How to open stuck jammed hood from broken cable BMW e39 e38 ... 0    0

CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR NEXT CAR PARTS FROM MY AMAZON STORE How to open stuck jammed hood from broken cable BMW e39 e38 or X5 BEST WAY in under 30 sec...

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BMW 5 Series (E39) 1997-2003 - Rear window regulator - DIY R... 0    0

Features BentleyPublishers' BMW 5 Series 1997-2003 Repair Manual (E39) - How to replace a rear window regulator on a 1997-2003 BMW 5 Series (E39). For more inf...

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How to remove stuck Jeep Wrangler doors easily 0    0

I watched a number of videos showing different ways to un-stick a jeep wrangler door but all of them looked too crazy to me! Here's a way to remove stuck doors off your JK jeep wrangler easily Hope th...

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Episode 305 - Does your Jeep Wrangler have a bad computer EC... 0    0

In this episode of Bubba's Garage (#BubbasGarageTV) the Jeep Wrangler TJ will no longer start does it have a bad computer. ecu/ecm/pcm? Episode 304: Other Jeep TJ Mods: ...

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Replacing the Starter Cable 1999 Chevy Suburban K1500 0    0

My Suburban starter cable, running from the battery to the starter, rubbed a bare spot and was shorting out against the engine. Here is how I replaced it.

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Chevy Suburban: No Crank 554 Special Case 554 0    0

In this video we have a look at this Chevy Suburban that was towed in as a "No Start." It doesn't take to long to find out we are not the first people to have a "look&qu...

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1985 Chevrolet Suburban Youngtimer Custom Deluxe 20 Scottsda... 0    0

1985 Chevrolet Suburban Custom Deluxe 20 Scottsdale Nice SUV with the 5.7L 350 with the 3/4 Ton Chassis with the Tow Package and 3rd Row Seating. This Suburban has more roo...

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Chevy Avalanche ignition is stuck 0    0

My truck got broken into last night and they stole the stereo. I went to start it today and the ignition won't turn all the way. It only turns maybe a quarter of an inch. It wont turn back or forward....

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Chevrolet Avalanche heated seat wont stay on (problem) 0    0

Hello Guys i bought my new Chevrolet Avalanche 2003 and DS heated seat wont stay on maybe one of you guys can help me out with it. i think its a burned wire or something, not a big deal. Engine light...

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