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Lamborghini Veneno Coupe: In-depth Exterior and Interior Tou... 0    0

Thanks to H.R. Owen Lamborghini in London I was lucky enough to take an in-depth look at the impressive Lamborghini Veneno they had over Christmas 2016. They are a great team so please check out the...

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Aubameyang gets his Lamborghini Aventador wrapped Chrome Gol... 0    0

Footballer Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang had his Lamborghini Aventador Roadster in for a full Chrome Gold car wrap. The Aventador was previously part wrapped in a holographic iridescent vinyl which was e...

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Lamborghini Urus v Tesla Model X v Mercedes-AMG G63 v Range ... 0    0

It’s time for our ultimate SUV drag race! These are four of the most powerful and sought-after SUVs on the market, so we had to bring some special guests along to help us drive them! You’ve got ...

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Lamborghini Aventador vs Tesla Model X - DRAG & ROLLING RACE... 0    0

It’s petrol vs electric for our latest drag race! The Model X P100D has left all other competitors in its wake when it’s taken part in previous drag races, but how will it fare when it goes up aga...

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KSI's Purple Lamborghini Wrapped - (part 1) 0    0

JJ also known as KSI or ksiolajidebt, is one of YouTube's biggest stars with over 8 million subscribers, KSI has a huge online fan base. As well as KSI producing crazy videos, his taste in cars seems ...

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2x BMW M5 E60 V10 w/ Eisenmann Race Exhaust - INSANE BURNOUT... 0    0

This video features a couple of amazing BMW M5 V10's doing an insane burnout on public road! The blue one is equipped with Eisenmann Race exhaust, the other one is equipped with Botter Race Exhaust. ...

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Mercedes AMG GTS wrapped Brushed Aluminum 0    0

This Mercedes AMG GTS came all the way from Glasgow to us for a colour change. It's not something customers choose a lot here, however it looks awesome with the brushed alluminium effect! Enjoy! Yi...

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Mercedes AMG GTS wrapped Fiery Orange! 0    0

This lovely new frozen grey AMG GTS came to visit us all the way from France to get wrapped yiannimize: Snapchat: Yiannimiz...

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AMG GT C vs Audi R8 vs McLaren 570S vs BMW i8 - Roadsters RO... 0    0

We’ve got four of the hottest roadsters around going head-to-head in our latest drag race! Mat’s in the 570S, and he's invited back Yianni from yiannimize (in the R8) and rapper Professor Green (i...

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Land Rover Overfinch Range Rover GT - LOUD REVS! 0    0

In this video you can see a beautiful white Land Rover Overfinch Range Rover based on the Range Rover 5-litre supercharged V8 Sport. Land Rover modifier Overfinch have managed to increase the power to...

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Rolls Royce Wraith wrapped Satin AND Gloss Black 0    0

This badass Wraith came in a dark Blue and was wrapped top half Satin Black, bottom half Gloss Black, all chromes to Gloss Black, windows tinted, lights smoked and now sits on 24inch Forgiato wheels! ...

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Rolls Royce Wraith Wrapped half Silver 0    0

A stunning Rolls Royce Wraith top half wrapped silver for a factory looking finish. You also catch a glimpse of a few other luxury cars in the unit; Rolls Royce Dawn in for a dechrome, a Bentley Flyi...

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Rolls Royce Wraith Wrapped STEALTH Style! 0    0

This lovely Rolls Royce Wraith got wrapped Gloss Black with a satin black top half to make it look as stealth as possible, fully blacked out! Enjoy! yiannimize:

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