1998 Jeep Wrangler TJ HID Lighting Kit Test (8000K)


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1998 TJ with cheapo ($150) eBay special 8000k 35 watt "Bi-Xenon" Hi/lo HID lighting conversion kit. Elements routed into 7" round Hella "Vision-Plus" (couldn't remeber the name when I was making the vid) Euro style H4 headlamp housings. The housings come with H4 halogen bulbs already installed for $50 a piece at the local truck parts store (DOT approved). I just took the halogen bulbs out of the housings and saved 'em for backups. They do an AWESOME job of spreading the HID light in a uniform driving light pattern! They are SUPER bright and make the reflective street signs sparkle, almost like a holographic image.
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