2015 Mustang GT vs. 2006 BMW M5 V10


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Two roll races from ~30mph. Both cars are mostly stock with the exception of basic exhaust modifications. Mustang is an automatic; BMW is an SMG.

UPDATE: Here is some more information on the vehicles in the video. Fanboys have flooded my video and I have been seeing significantly more traffic on this over the last few months.

The Mustang is a base, automatic GT with aftermarket exhaust. Sticker price was $34,000. There is nothing more to be said.

The M5 is running at full engine power here (not "400HP mode"). The original sticker price was $82,000. It was mechanically sound at the time of the video.

The owner of the M5 sold the vehicle due to foreseen issues and their accompanying repairs. He has since purchased a CTS-V which is currently undergoing some tasteful modifications.

More to come!
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