2017 BMW 5 Series 530d xDrive review


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The all-new, G30 BMW 5 Series has some big shoes to fill. Its predecessor, the F10/F11 5 Series, has been widely acclaimed as the best in the segment, and the new one faces fierce competition from Mercedes' excellent W213 E-Class and the Jaguar XF, to mention only its newest rivals.
Just like the E-Class borrows styling and gadgets from the S-Class, the new 5 Series takes inspiration from the 7 Series when it comes to design and technology. The 5 Series sedan looks like a slightly smaller 7 Series but has more harmonious proportions. While BMW designers did not experiment a lot with the exterior and interior styling, they managed to make it instantly recognizable as a 5 Series. And that matters a lot to traditional buyers.

Host: Dan Mihalașcu
Camera operator & video editor: Iulian Dnistran
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