2018 Citroen DS5


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DS5 has modest 4.53 m in length, which is as much as 30 cm in less than C5. Logical since B is placed on the platform (Picasa, and 3008), but not at C, as well as C5 and models 508.
With "needle-nose", with an unprecedented detail in the form of a chrome "saber", which is of the headlamp, extends across the wings, and reaches the middle of the A-pillar. It is evident that serves no purpose, but the direct legacy of the prototype C-Sportlounge from 2005, which the undersigned had the opportunity once to drive.
Chromium is present in abundance, and we can find it on the grill, side skirts and a kind of double rear exhaust manifold. The most powerful petrol 1.6 THP / 200 hp, it really owns, while the weaker version of this detail in the functional design.
DS5 is very modern and in complete harmony with the exterior. The architecture of the interior is inspired by aeronautics.
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