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Hello 2019.

Coming out of the gate swinging with a Feature Car and what other car to use than a stunning example of a Very rare R34 Skyline GTR V-spec. Being 1 of 61 GTR's made in the incredible AR2 Active Red, This GTR is definitely a head turner and a car you can not miss even if you tried.

Now, this video was originally intended to be a full length review of one of my favorite R34 GTR's roaming Sydney however during filming I got word it was up for sale and filming plans had to be adjusted as a deposit had been taken. So instead of a full length review I got to capture a VERY special moment in time for any modified car owner.

The last moments of ownership.

This video will always remain a special one and for that reason I am very proud to give you, Andrews R34 Skyline GTR.

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Laire - Smear
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