A MUST Upgrade for Jeep Wranglers with Six Speed Trans - B and M Sport Shifter


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If you have a 2007 or newer Jeep Wrangler JK with the 6 speed manual transmission, this is a must watch video because the B&M Precision Shifter upgrade will change the driving characteristics that much... in a good way!
This install isn't ideal for all "do it yourself-ers". There is a tricky bit of lowering the gas tank and transmission cross-member to get access to the foam donut and top of the transmission. I go through step by step in the video to show how the at home mechanic can get this done. The hardest part for me was to just get the stock shift knob off!

Here is a link to the shifter:
Plus here's a link to the shift handle and knob:

The shifter is a very high quality part and the housing is made from billet aluminum with internals constructed out of 4140 chromoly steel and will reduce the throw between gears by 35%. I take the Jeep on a test drive after the install to show the new shifter in action.

Plus, I also give a shout to https://www.instagram.com/rubiconunlimited/ who sent me a cool "pull to eject" decal that goes on the driver's seat adjust handle and adds a cool bit of flare (might even be good for a few extra horsepower... can't confirm yet) Check his page out.
Here's where to get the "pull to eject" sticker:

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