BMW E39 5 Series - How to Find Fuse Box and Battery - E46, E38 etc.


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BMW E39 525tds 1998.
How to locate the fuses boxes and battery.

There are multiple fuse boxes in this car. The main fuse box is inside the glove box. There are two white tabs at the top, turn these 90 degrees and the fuse box will drop down. Each automotive blade fuse is numbered and there is a leaflet found by pulling a white tab which tells the equipment corresponding to each fuse number.
1. Most fuses are connected to multiple pieces of equipment. For example, fuse number 17 connects to the ABS, ASC and fuel pump.
Freeze frame at 0:31 in HD quality to see the fuse leaflet.
2. The missing fuses are for optional equipment not specified with this particular car, eg. Seat heating.
3. The fuses along the top row are spare. Use these if a fuse blows while driving, but make sure to replenish the spare fuses when convenient. The colours correspond to the ampage as follows:
5A = Orange
7.5A = Brown
10A = Red
15A = Blue
20A = Yellow
25A = Clear
30A = Green

The battery for the E39 BMW is located in the boot (trunk), behind the trim on the right hand side. When jump starting the car, there is an optional positive terminal located on the top of the engine block, however it is best to jump start the car directly from the battery in the boot. The battery is in the boot of many other BMW models, and cars from other manufacturers such as the Mazda MX5. As a rule of thumb, if you cannot find the battery in the engine compartment after a minute of searching, it's a good idea to check the boot.
There is also a secondary fusebox located above the battery.
There is a third fusebox in the engine bay beneath a black cover.
This layout is similar for the E39 5 Series Touring.
Most BMWs have this same layout, of the fusebox over the glove box (E46, E38 etc.), newer BMWs have larger fuse boxes in the boot (F10).
RADIO FUSE: There is a 10A fuse behind the radio. This may need replacing if your radio doesn't work. To remove the radio, follow the instructions in my other videos.
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