Detailing Vlog 001 - Rolls Royce Wraith, 3 Tesla Model S a Model 3, and a Benz GLE 400


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Vlog 001: We head up to Minneapolis to wash a ceramic coated Rolls Royce Wraith, wash 2 Tesla Model S, Do a paint correction and ceramic coating on another Tesla Model S.

Then fix some terrible water spotting on a brand new Tesla Model 3 and get it coated, then re-coat a Mercedes Benz GLE 400 with terribly soft paint - that is also water spot etched!

Additionally we talk a little bit about some of the downsides of PPF (paint protection film, aka clearbra)


Rolls Royce Wraith wash
First Model S
PPF Issues:
GLE 400 wash
Coated Tesla Model S Decon wash
GLE 400 Paint problems
Tesla Model 3 Wash and Paint problems
Hard water spot removal
Man tinting a caravan window
Dirty Model S Ceramic Coating Maintenance Wash
More paint defects on Model 3 and ceramic coating
And finally finishing up the Mercedes Benz GLE 400
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