Honda CR-V Launched, Price, Engine & Space an Opinion by CARGURU


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#hondacrv Honda Car maker has today launched its 5th Generation Honda CRV in the Indian market. A lot of new things have been added to this car and most importantly it will also get a diesel engine. CRV will be a full-size SUV with 7 seats. Although the previous generation of CRV was found in India, no big grip market has been built in the market so far.
हौंडा ने CRV की कीमत को काफी कम रखने की कोशिश की है ताकि वे मार्किट में दौड़ रहे बाकी 7 सीटर SUV से मुकाबला कर सके। गैरतलब है की CRV मुख्यतः Fortuner, Endeavour Tiguan आदि से मुकाबला करेगी।
Model / Engine Price
Petrol 2WD Rs 28,15,000
Diesel 2WD Rs 30,65,000
Diesel AWD Rs 32,75,000

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