How to Install Two Batteries in a Chevy Suburban - Tools PART 3


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Tools needed to install National Luna Intelligent Solenoid Split Charging Kit.That makes it easy for you to install two or more batteries in your vehicle.

http://www.GreatInternetMarketingTrai... (This is my site that has absolutely nothing to do with batteries or cars) It's just how I earn the money to pay for the toys below hahaha I'll be glad to teach you how to do what I do to. Just visit the site above if it interests you.

If not, let's have some fun installing two batteries.

Dual Battery Installation in 2013 Chevy Suburban Using National Luna Intelligent Solenoid Kit

Let it be known that I'm not pretending to be a professional mechanic. I'm a weekend warrior at best and instead of selling stuff on the Internet which is my main profession I took a day off to have some fun and blow some money on a dual battery installation on my Chevy Suburban.

If you mimic me and then catch your vehicle on fire, I'm not responsible. Maybe I'll take responsibility for a little smoke here and there but it's doubtful, so don't count on me if you don't know what you're doing. Remember you're dealing with electricity here and even though it's only 12-14 volts, you could do some real damage so get help if you need it.

Here's a breakdown of all the videos in this series.

Video 1 Introduction

Video 2 Unboxing The National Luna Intelligent Solenoid Kit

Video 3 Tools Needed for the Install

Video 4 Optional Items to Make Your Install Easier

Video 5 Additional National Luna Unboxing, More Tools & Super Tip

Video 6 Testing Your Alternator to see if it can handle dual batteries

Video 7 Removing Battery Bracket and Battery Terminal Puller demo

Video 8 Installing Intelligent Solenoid

Video 9 Preparing for Cable

Video 10 Putting on Battery Cable End

Video 11 Crimping Other End of Battery Cable

Video 12 Finishing the cable end with heat shrink tubing

Video 13 Simple install gadget that make life easy.

Video 14 Connecting negatives together

Video 15 Connecting Solenoid to Main Battery Positive

Video 16 Reinstalling Main Battery

Video 17 Final Hookup of Battery and Energizing System

Video 18 Wiring Battery Controller through firewall
Coming Soon

Here's a shout out to and Paul the owner. This is where I got the National Luna Intelligent Solenoid that makes the entire system work.

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