How To Replace The Battery in a Dodge Viper (Late 1993-2002, Gen 1, Gen II GTS, and RT/10)


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How to replace the car battery in a Gen II Dodge Viper GTS (Repair is substantially the same for all late-model 1993-1995 Gen I Vipers and all Gen II RT/10, GTS, and ACR Vipers).

This repair shows all the tools you'll need and gives a detailed look at every step of the job. If this video was helpful, please "like" it so more people will find it, and look for our upcoming Viper videos, including adjusting the front fascia to close panel gaps, changing the oil, replacing the power steering pulley and bracket, and more for this and other vehicle models.

Music Credit- Guitar Miniature #1 in D Minor, by Steven O'Brien
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