KTERA - Lancer Awakening (Testing Server)


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This is from KTERA's testing server so anything you see here may be subject to change without notice.

Awakening is another term of giving new skills to classes as well as tweaks to their old skills. The first awakening update will be done on Mystic, Priest, Lancer, Warrior, Berserker, and Slayer that will be released in KTERA on December 2017. The second awakening will be done for the rest of the classes sometime Summer of 2018. Those classes that has not received the awakening update will receive damage buffs towards monsters.

Awakening skills are unlocked once you meet the item level requirement (439) and do the new story quest and finish it. Not only will you get new changes to the awakened classes, but you also get one free master glyph, and +5 glyph points.

0:04 You can move while blocking. Move forward or backwards while remaining to block in the same direction. By moving to the side, move the camera as you moving forward.

0:16 Demonstrating that perfect block will reflect damage. I'm still testing where the damage numbers are from.

0:35 This shield has a long cooldown and use this for big emergencies. I believe this can block practically anything. However depending on which attack you are blocking whether you trying to block an non-iframeable attack or a one-shot, it will increase the cooldown by either x3 or x10. Using this against mobs will damage and push them back.

0:58 Cast a 10 second invincibility to you and your party members within range. Long cooldown to use. It counts as automatically i-framing but not towards attacks where you can't i-frame as I demonstrated.

1:16 Just showing off new chain links added to Lockdown Blow & Debilitate. Onslaught can finally be chain from Shield Barrage or Combo Attack. Not to mention Onslaught does frontal block.

1:45 Super Wallop! Leap forward about 15 meters. Using this skill by itself will go past your target and doesn't do frontal block. However if you chain this skill from Wallop or Charging Lunge, this skill will NOT go over your target and Super Wallop will automatically do frontal block as well. This skill will receive decreased cooldown with Adrenaline Rush active.

I didn't show everything in this video so treat this as a sample clip of what's to come for Lancer Awakening. I'm lazy and plus things could change to make this video clip irrelevant.

& one last thing, I have a buff called Mystel's Blessing (looks like Heal thyself) that significantly reduces the cooldown of all awakening skills as long as I'm inside this place.

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