New 2016 Citroen DS5


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New DS 5 is defined by its avant-garde styling. It combines dynamic performance, refinement and attention to detail with a range of advanced technologies. It embodies all the attributes of present and future DS vehicles.

This DS flagship model introduces the brand’s stand-alone identity, gains an impressive new front end and numerous other revisions that make it a true DS.

Alongside New DS 5’s additional features, such as the sculpted, vertical grille with the DS monogramme in the centre, the Xenon Full LED headlights, a new touchdrive interface and a new range of high-performance engines, New DS 5 maintains all the qualities it is already renowned for. These qualities include exterior lines that defy convention, an exceptional interior and exterior design with refinement in every detail and the model’s characteristic 'cockpit' driving position.

From Europe to China, DS 5 has made an impression on the motoring public. New DS 5 is setting its sights even higher with a new front end, styling that remains avant-garde, attention to detail throughout, driving behaviour worthy of a DS and advanced technology in both design and function.

New DS 5 will be unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, with this new model set to arrive in UK showrooms in July 2015.

"The New DS 5 is more than just a new car. It is the car introducing our brand identity. Sixty years on from the original DS, the new DS 5 carries all the genes of DS. Above all, it is a clear statement of our ambition: to revive the tradition of French premium vehicles." - Yves Bonnefont, CEO of the DS brand.

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