Removing the Dashboard of a 1996 Chevrolet Suburban Part 1


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My journey into the HVAC. Not a step-by-step or How-To video, just a general idea.
1995-1999 Suburna/Tahoe/GMC/Denalli/Escalade
Replacing the AC evaporator and heater core.

This video is about how to remove the dashboard after all screws have been removed.
I also removed the steering wheel to make it a little easier to remove the dashboard.
Basically there is a pivot point on each end of the dashboard and fire walls that allows you to tilt it down and then two people can easily slide it out at an angle.

I also show how to organize all the bolts and screws using zip-lock plastic bags.

There also a mention of the yellow connector to the airbags. I recommend disconnecting the battery before doing this type of work.

Also useful for same midel year GM truck.

Mr. Daniel 0078

1997, 1998, 2000 K2500 K3500
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